Block Running Revolution Matters

So, you’re (we’re) all playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, yes? Of course we are, why wouldn’t we be, the game is hugeboots and we all want to smash people up with our augmentations. I’m here to attempt to convince you to put Adam Jensen to one side and try out a couple of indie games that are distracting me, currently.

The first is a quirky puzzler on Steam (£3.99) (also on XBLIG – 240MS Points) called Blocks That Matter. An indie game with so much soul it hurts. You control Tetrobot who must save two indie game developers, Alexey and Markus. The idea is to make your way through the levels by drilling and collecting different materials of blocks, such as sand, concrete and wood and using said blocks to build routes throughout the level. Each of them has unique properties which you must use to your advantage to succeed.

Playing in a retro graphical style, BTM instantly grabs your heart (if you have a penchant for old school games) and it crushes it with nostalgia each time you find and break open a hidden chest. Within these chests is a nod to all of the games that inspired BTM and each one brings a smile.

The next game is Speedrunner HD (240MS Points). I posted the trailer a few days back and it finally released today on XBLIG. I’ve already lost a fair amount of time to it this morning as it captures the flair of Mirror’s Edge and combines it with Bionic Commando’s grappling hook. The idea is simple, defuse the bomb at the end of the level before it explodes. Along the way there are collectibles to find and equipment to aid you.

It’s frantic, fun and challenging. There is also multiplayer, but sadly it’s local only. Check out the trailer again, below.

Take some time out from DX:HR and play these two gems, they deserve the attention!

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