Challenge complete. You Are Winner.

Today is the day.

At the end of last year I set myself a challenge for 2011, to read 50 books during the year. Today, I hit that target. According to Goodreads I finished 16 books ahead of schedule.

I’m really pleased to have achieved this goal. When I set out I’d only just got the reading itch back after a few years away, so at the time I thought it was a lofty and rather unattainable goal. Seemingly I was wrong. Of course the reading will continue (you should see the size of my review pile, to be featured on Saturday) and I will set myself another challenge for 2012.

Here are some stats (we all love stats):

  • I have read roughly 15,554 pages.
  • I’ve read one book older than myself, The Great Gatsby.
  • On Goodreads I have given only one 1 star rating, to C by Tom McCarthy.
  • I have also given, three 2 star ratings, eighteen 3 star, nineteen 4 star and nine 5 star.
  • 34 of the books have been authored by men, leaving 16 by women.
  • 2 of the books have been non-fiction.
  • 15 of the books have been debut novels.
  • I’ve read 47 different authors over the year.
  • The longest book I read was The Passage at 900 pages.
  • The shortest was Sum at 128 pages.
  • There has been one Orange Prize winner.
  • And Three Booker Prize winners.

I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and I’m looking forward to cracking on with more reading and reviewing as the year continues. Tomorrow I will blog the Top 5 books I’ve read during the challenge. Below are all the books, in all their glory.

Click to enlarge!

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