Where’s Asterix?

Before I sat down to write this review I wondered what exactly I would be looking for to write such a thing. After all, the ability to be a success at books like Where’s Asterix? is purely down to the person. So, rather than solely focus on whether Asterix and his entourage are easy to find in the menagerie of Romans and Gauls or not, I thought I would concentrate on whether it would be a fitting read for an Asterix fan.

Having said that, it’s worth pointing out that in the hands of my four year old daughter she was never particularly taxed. One each page the reader is tasked with finding Asterix and some of the supporting cast, for each you find you are awarded a laurel wreath. At the end you total up your score and if you have between 50 – 65 wreaths, you are a champion. It’s great fun for kids and allows them to tap into Rene Goscinny’s world.

It’s a lovely book to look at; it’s solid in its hardback form and despite its short length, feels substantial. Most importantly the book is vibrant, colourful and holds much of the quirky humour that makes Asterix so popular. Any Asterix fan will marvel at the artwork for longer than finding our hero, but those who aren’t naturally drawn to the French comic sensation is likely to be left feeling a little left out.

Thankfully I’m a huge fan of the battling Gaul, having even visited Parc Asterix earlier this year; this meant that the book was more of a treat to me than it may be for others. I had plenty of fun finding the cast with my daughter, as we would with any of the Where’s Wally? books. It’s a book that does exactly what it says on the tin, while accompanied by sumptuous comic book art. It’s a little easy and of course, once you’ve found everything it loses its charm, but it’s a must for fans of Asterix or French comic art with a sense of humour.

One thought on “Where’s Asterix?

  1. Dave Field

    Has anyone else noticed the mistake in the names of two of the characters, Vitalstatistix and Unhygienix, on the inside cover


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