Of late I’ve noticed that my tastes in fiction are changing. At the opening of the year I would have dived onto any type of fiction I could get my hands on. Over the last few weeks, however, I have been disregarding anything but genre fiction. Despite my love of literary fiction and contemporary fiction, I’m struggling to find enough of a hook in these novels to drag me in and to the end. I’m yearning more for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Young Adult based stuff. Dare I use the current buzzword of, more “readability”?

Between 2007 and mid 2010 I took a long time off of reading for various reasons, but before that I always went to genre fiction before anything else. The likes of Stephen King, James Barclay, Kevin J Anderson, Jonathon Stroud, Philip Pullman and Philip K Dick were the essential elements in my world. That period of my life was quite depressing, it was a dark time. Nothing would satisfy my reading urge. Only more emotional novels were getting through, things that stirred my own emotions and allowed me to wallow in misery.

Recently, those books are boring me. I’ve struggled to turn the pages of books that would have fascinated me earlier this year. The latest Murakami being the most recent to be shelved. I just couldn’t break the barrier to relate to the characters, I didn’t find myself yearning to read it while it laboured on the arm of the sofa.

What I find myself now looking for is more excitement from plots, novels that take me away to far off lands and allow me to get excited and care about the cast. That’s not to say I don’t still enjoy the odd literary book, but they don’t tickle my fancy as much. I guess my tastes are changing, which means that the contents of this blog are likely to change, as well.

This is also me explaining why the blog has been a little quiet of late… I just haven’t finished any books. I have, however, just started Conn Iggulden’s Conqueror series and am loving the first part. Look for reviews of each part as I finish them!

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