Top Ten Most Anticipated Books Of 2012

Now the nights have drawn in and we can see Christmas on the horizon, which means we’re gaining on a new year, bringing new books. I don’t have many more 2011 titles taking hold of me, so now is the best time to reveal my ten most anticipated books of 2012 and then, in the coming weeks, I will announce my Top Ten books of 2011. There are a few continuations of series’ that I’m enjoying and a few new authors I’ve never read.

The Twelve by Justin Cronin – Orion Books, July 2012

The second part of Justin Cronin’s apocalyptic series, following on from The Passage. I loved the first part of this series, despite its vastness (and slight bagginess in the middle). It gripped me for a solid week as I devoured over 900 pages and journeyed with some great characters. The first part is a book that I’ve been heavily pushing towards friends and I can’t wait to do the same with The Twelve.

The Wind Through The Keyhole by Stephen King – Hodder and Stoughton, May 2012

This is a book I have been waiting for, for quite some time. A new part of The Dark Tower series is almost upon us and as a huge fan of the franchise I am clamouring for any information on this new part. It takes place between Wizard and Glass and The Wolves of the Calla and fills in the missing time as the group ride on Blain the train. I cannot wait to see what King does with this part, I’m even bloody excited just typing this!

Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch – Gollancz, an imprint of Orion, March 2012

Another continuation of a series, although you could easily read the Peter Grant novels as standalones, Whispers Underground is the third novel to come from Ben and follows the policeman Peter Grant as he studies magic. The first book of the series was great, but the second was far better. I’m hoping that Ben can push it even further with the third instalment.

Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak – 2012

I know very little about this novel, in fact I found out what I do know from the ever lovely Emma over at Book Monkey. I know I’m in safe hands with Zusak, though, as I took a punt on The Book Thief and it is now one of my favourite books. I’m sure whatever comes out will be fantastic… don’t let me down!

The Watcher in the Shadows by Carlos Ruis Zafon – Orion Books, May 2012

I’m relatively new to reading Zafon’s work, having only read The Midnight Palace and The Shadow of the Wind, both of which I enjoyed. His writing is simply stunning and his imagination exists as one of the best out there. I’m hoping between now and the release of this that I can catch up on more of his work.

Mr G by Alan Lightman – Corsair, imprint of Constable and Robinson, May 2012

I’d never heard of this book, nor its author, until I opened the latest Constable & Robinson catalogue and saw it in there. Mr G is a “playful” take on the story of creation as narrated by God himself. If that isn’t a hook to want to jump in and read, I don’t know what is. The premise is basic, leaves room for profound statements and some tongue in cheek commentary. I’m eager to read this, but I hope to read Lightman’s other novel ‘Einstein’s Dreams’ as a prelude.

Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff – Pan MacMillan, June 2012

A dystopian steampunk novel set in feudal Japan. What a description, those are some of my favourite things in the entire world. Kristoff sounds like a maniacal genius for attempting to combine these things and I applaud him for it. As an author who describes himself as 6’7” with approximately 13,870 days to live and he can order whiskey in almost a dozen languages… I’m onboard.

Advent by James Treadwell – Hodder and Stoughton, February 2012

Yet another trilogy for me to jump on with, Advent states simply “The magic is returning”. A boy, Gavin, alone, rides a train to Cornwall, nobody meets him. That’s mysterious enough to snag me and as someone very taken by an interesting cover, I’m liking what I see. Bring on another trilogy to keep the fires stoked.

Silver by Andrew Motion – Jonathan Cape, imprint of Random House, April 2012 

I think to sell this book all that needs to be said is… Sequel to Treasure Island. There just aren’t enough books about Pirates out there and a sequel to one of the best is something I need in my life. I’m intrigued as to how Motion pulls it off and whether it accompanies the original novel well. Just reading the words Long John Silver made me grin and April better hurry up so I can read it. Now, where’s my copy of Treasure Island, then?

I’m Never Coming Back by Julian Hanshaw – Jonathan Cape, imprint of Random House, March 2012 

“I’m Never Coming Back is a collection of surreal, comic and mournful interweaving tales travelling across three continents. In each destination we zoom in on unusual lives and remarkable situations, each tale unknowingly impacting on the next.” Mysterious, quirky, a little humour in the cover, okay I buy into this. The idea of entwining tales is always something that interests me and I’ll look forward to what Hanshaw does with it.

Special mentions must go to Laini Taylor and the second part to follow Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Hollow Pike by James Dawson, Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher and The Forbidden by F.R. Tallis.

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