The Book Buying Ban Starts Here

As we run up to Christmas and my family have taken a mammoth list of books from me as gift ideas, I feel that come Boxing day Mount TBR will avalanche from the bookshelves and possibly wound a member of my family. It makes sense then that I start a book buying ban from today. I am someone who gets a kick out of just walking through a bookshop (Like another book blogger) – it lifts my spirits and usually my debit card, too. I’ve imposed a ban on myself once before and it worked a treat, this one has been sparked by Gav of Gav Reads.

So, what are the rules that I force upon myself during this ban? Well, no buying, this includes brand new and second hand/charity shops. Review copies will still arrive but I am going to force myself to read more of the TBR pile, ideally two books from the pile per month. The ban is going to last until April 2012, which sounds like a very long time but I have so many books that I’m gagging to read, I don’t need to add to them.

You can read my TBR pile HERE, but some stand out books are: Wolf Hall, Midnight’s Children, The Handmaids Tale, Freedom, Day For Night and Kavalier and Clay. I may keep a list on the blog of books that catch my eye during the ban, then I can dive on them in April.

This isn’t just about not buying books, it’s also about reading what I already have and enjoying the recommendations I find day in day out. I adore receiving review copies but sometimes I get so bogged down by reading them that I forget about the books I have bought or even ones given to me, such as By Light Alone, which my wife bought as an anniversary present this week. So, this plan is to get me mixing the two with more of an even balance.

P.S – While I’m here, I have to recommend a podcast from Gav and Simon (Gav Reads and Savidge Reads respectively). You can find it HERE or on iTunes. The guys have an amazing relationship on the podcast and are very comfortable during the conversation. I’ve listened to every episode and I haven’t been disappointed, at all. They’re funny, informed and genuinely interesting. Give it a go!

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