Update O’Clock

Merry Christmas!

I trust you all had a lovely Christmas? I had a quiet Christmas at home with the family and it was fantastic. There was Too much eating, Too much trashy TV watched… but there was also plenty of reading done. I received quite a decent bookish haul this year, which you can view below.

Yes, that is a Kindle in the middle. My mind was finally turned on Christmas Eve after taking a book out with me that I really wasn’t enjoying. After heading to Twitter to vent my first world problem, a follower suggested downloading the Kindle app on my phone and grabbing a book. After doing this and reading A Christmas Carol in one sitting I started to believe that this was something I could get on with.

At first I never wanted one despite the bonuses to owning one: Space saving, occasionally cheaper books, makes 900 page hardbacks effortless to hold, etc. But to me there were always a few downsides, the main one being that I wanted to hand down my collection of books to my children one day, as they are both avid readers, already. Then it dawned on me that by the time I come to hand them down, books will likely be digital for the majority, so while they may still want my books, they may prefer digital copies.

Thankfully after tweeting about my want for one, my Mum dashed out to buy me a late Christmas present on the morning of Boxing Day. I’ve already bought a few books in the Kindle sale and am looking forward to using it properly. For now, however, I still have a massive stack of physical books to get through.

Merry Statmas!

So, in the past I’ve summed up my reading challenge in stat form and the lovely Brenna over at LitMusings has summed up her year in stats, so I thought it might be an interesting way to see out the year and welcome 2012. I’m writing this hoping that I finish the book I’m currently reading (shouldn’t be hard, it’s only a novella).

  • Books Read In 2011: 68
  • Approx Pages Read: 22,032
  • Male Writers Read: 38
  • Female Writers Read: 24
  • UK Authors Read: 20
  • Worldwide Authors Read: 47
  • Debut Novelists: 16
  • Literary Prize Winners: 2
  • 2011 Booker Nominated: 6

So, there we are, 2011 is drawing to a close and 2012 looks utterly brilliant for books. Here’s to an exciting year, one of change and exploration. To those who follow my blog, have a Happy New Year!

What books did you get for Christmas? Did you do a lot of reading over the holiday period?

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