Storyteller Blog Tour – Anna


What can I say about Anna?

She’s locked herself in a tower of ice, now that the story is over. Won’t pick up the phone anymore. Won’t talk to me. She hates me. That’s what happens to you when you love someone, they hate you.

I loved her from the first moment I saw her, which was in Year 5 and a long time ago. She’s the kind of girl that looks straight through you without seeing you. Not because she’s ignoring you, but because she’s lost in thought, lost in her own dream world.

She is so beautiful. Always was. I wonder if he even realized how beautiful she is? That dark hair, those deep eyes. I can still see her with the silver flute raised to her lips at one of the school’s concerts. Her lips … let’s not go there.

Imagining her locked in that winter tower she created just makes her more beautiful to me. It was winter when her story with Tannatek began. It is summer now, but I guess it will never be summer for either of them, Tannatek or Anna.

How I wish I could free her! Save her! I tried to, you know, tried to save her, back then. But she was much too hard-headed to let anyone help her. She told me she didn’t need me, didn’t need anybody to take care of her.

Tannatek … you want me talk about him, too? I can´t talk about him. I’d just get into a rage…

He came along, and Anna fell in love and – if that is possible – I fell in hate.

He used to just sit there, you know, out by the bike stands, selling his stuff, never talking to anybody, not even in class. I never understood why he wanted to take the exams with us.

His world was totally different from ours, he lived in one of those blocks outside town; he got into his share of fights and he looked it. He didn’t necessarily loose them.

They say he had that little sister he took care of, but if you ask me, I can’t imagine him caring about anyone. I mean, I know about what happened to him in the past, I know that now, people have been talking a lot at school, talking and talking and talking. As if words could heal anything.

I did try to feel sorry for Tannatek, but believe me, I can’t.

Did he love Anna at any point in the story? For her sake, I hope he did.

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