February Summary

For various personal reasons, February wasn’t as chock full of books as I’d like. I still managed to knock out eight books and I’m happy with that. I started 2012 saying that I wanted to read 75 books and as of today I’m still six books ahead on that target.

February’s Best Read

Along Cornwall’s ancient coast, the flotsam and jetsam of the past becomes caught in the cross-currents of the present and, from time to time, a certain kind of magic can float to the surface…Straying husbands lured into the sea can be fetched back, for a fee. Magpies whisper to lonely drivers late at night. Trees can make wishes come true – provided you know how to wish properly first. Houses creak, fill with water and keep a fretful watch on their inhabitants, straightening shower curtains and worrying about frayed carpets. A teenager’s growing pains are sometimes even bigger than him. And, on a windy beach, a small boy and his grandmother keep despair at bay with an old white door. In these stories, Cornish folklore slips into everyday life. Hopes, regrets and memories are entangled with catfish, wrecker’s lamps, standing stones and baying hounds, and relationships wax and wane in the glow of a moonlit sea. This luminous, startling and utterly spellbinding debut collection introduces in Lucy Wood a spectacular new voice in contemporary British fiction.

It was so easy to choose this as the best book of February, seeing as it has become one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s a wonderful book of short stories that transports you into a world of mythology and magic. I was also lucky enough to interview the author Lucy Wood. You can find the full review HERE.

Also Read:

I’m still waiting to tell you about The Lifeboat which will come up halfway through March (that’ll teach me for reading ahead!), I’ll also be publishing my review of Sanctus very soon. This month I will be reading (and reviewing) Catcher in the Rye, Shelter, The Return Man and Silver. Those are the planned books but I’m hoping to add from the TBR as it’s a quiet month in regards to new releases.

Thanks for reading, as always!

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