March Summary

Much the same as last month, real life got in the way of reading this month… and in fact delayed this summary as I took a hiatus from blogging. I have a lot of reviews to catch up with so the next few weeks should see a good amount of content appearing on the blog. Eight books read in March, I’m quite pleased with that and as I write this I’m currently 10 books ahead of schedule on my Goodreads challenge.

March’s Best Read

A gripping, compulsive thriller set in a future where the cure for ageing has been discovered! to devastating consequences “You got me. I don’t want to die. I’m terrified of death. I fear there’s nothing beyond it and that this existence is the only one I’ll ever possess. That’s why I’m here.” (An excerpt from the digital journal of John Farrell, cure age 29) 2019. Humanity has witnessed its greatest scientific breakthrough yet: the cure for ageing. Three injections and you’re immortal — not bulletproof or disease-proof but you’ll never have to fear death by old age. For John Farrell, documenting the cataclysmic shifts to life after the cure becomes an obsession. Cure parties, cycle marriages, immortal livestock: the world is revelling in the miracles of eternal youth. But immortality has a sinister side, and when a pro-death terrorist explosion kills his newly-cured best friend, John soon realizes that even in a world without natural death, there is always something to fear. Now, John must make a new choice: run and hide forever, or stay and fight those who try to make immortal life a living hell. The e-book edition contains exclusive extra content – for those who want to find out even more consequences of the cure for ageing.

I rated three books at five stars this month but I only reviewed one of them, which was The End Specialist. Although The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan could quite easily have grabbed the honour, I actually read it way back in January. You can find my review of The End Specialist – HERE.

Also Read:

April is looking to be a great month. At this (late) point of writing I have read a few great books, one of which garnered 5 stars. I’ve got plenty more to read as I build up to the mega busy month of May which sees plenty of releases (most of which are already glaring at me from my review shelf!) Another bonus from March was the blog being featured in The Bookseller for ‘Blog Review of the Month’ – see below. Thanks for reading, as always!


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