Bright Lights & Glass Houses

I’ve spent a lot of my time surrounded by writers. When I originally started writing within a different industry, many of the people I met at the time were aspiring novelists and fiction writers. One such person, Ashton Raze, was one of the people who helped me out along the way. Over the years I’ve read much of Ashton’s fiction and have eagerly awaited his first book and now that time is here. So, as he has released a collection of short stories as an eBook I wanted to feature it on the blog to bring it to your attention. Ashton is a great writer and one who is utterly passionate about the written word – in all its forms.

I’ve been reading the book for a while now and, with Ashton’s permission, am hosting the opening story here on the blog.

Single Bullet Theory

“Have you ever seen a gun before?” the boy asked.

The girl nodded. Of course she had. Not everyone had led such a sheltered life as the boy.

“You’re thinking I’ve led a sheltered life,” the boy said. “And you’d be right.”

The girl smiled. The boy had a way of doing this.

“I’m not stupid,” the boy went on. “I knew the answer was yes. But you’ve never seen a gun like this.”

He held it out and the girl took it. “Is it loaded?”

“That’s the thing,” the boy said. “Who knows?”

“You obviously do,” the girl replied.

“No, seriously, just listen,” the boy said. “These are strange and wonderful times, right? The world’s changing. Everything’s changing.”

The girl nodded. He was right. “Get to the point, then.”

The boy was unfazed. “This gun isn’t anything special, actually,” he said, taking it back. “It’s the bullet which is special.”

“I thought you said you didn’t know if it was loaded,” the girl retorted.

“I don’t. Just listen! Seriously. The gun houses a magic bullet. You can’t see it, or hear it, and you don’t know where the bullet will hit. But believe me, it’ll hit somewhere. It could shoot a star out the sky, or it could kill the President. Who knows?”

“You’re either delusional, or this is the worst pick-up line ever,” the girl said.

The boy rolled his eyes. “Don’t believe me? Go on, fire it.”

He handed the gun back to the girl, and she took it. She looked him in the eye, then pointed it at him. She’d been expecting a reaction, fear perhaps, but got none. He merely smiled.

“Not at me, that’s not as fun then. Shoot it into the sky,” he said.

The girl pointed the gun heavenwards. Her finger rested on the trigger.

“Okay, ready?” she asked.

“Yes. Fire,” the boy said.

The girl wavered for a moment, then her index finger tensed. She squeezed, bracing herself like she’d been taught.

The hammer clicked. Silence.

Together, the boy and the girl watched the invisible, magic bullet sail in a glorious arc towards the sun. Then it was gone.

“Who knows what we just killed?” the boy said, and the girl laughed and kissed him.


You can buy the book on Amazon (Kindle) – HERE

Or you can buy it on Smashwords (which allows you access to all other digital formats) – HERE – If you use the code NG99T you can receive 20% off of the price as a Dog Ear Discs reader.

Ashton Raze is an author, journalist and video game developer from the South West of England. He has written for The Telegraph, GameSpot and Beefjack. Currently he is working on two adventure games, a crime novel and an undisclosed mystery project. Bright Lights & Glass Houses is his debut fiction release.

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