Wanna Win A Book? – The Testimony

So, wanna win a book? Course you do.

Today I am giving away a (unread, brand spanking new) copy of the brilliant The Testimony by James Smythe. It’s a book I read recently and gave a full five stars to – read the review HERE.

A global thriller presenting an apocalyptic vision of a world on the brink of despair and destruction. What would you do if the world was brought to a standstill? If you heard deafening static followed by the words ‘MY CHILDREN, DO NOT BE AFRAID,? Would you turn to God? Declare it an act of terrorism? Subscribe to the conspiracy theories? Or put your faith in science and a rational explanation? The lives of all twenty-six people in this account are affected by the message. Most because they heard it. Some because they didn,t. The Testimony – a gripping story of the world brought to its knees and of its people, confused and afraid.

‘How do I win this highly regarded book, then’ I hear you shout/mumble (delete as appropriate). Well, you can get two entries into the competition by doing the following:

  • Follow my blog by clicking the follow button up the top.
  • Leave a comment below and tell me what YOU would do if you thought you heard the voice of God.
Small Print.

This giveaway is open to UK residents only. You can only get two entries by doing both things listed above, if you only do one, you only get one entry. The competition ends on Monday 18th June. I will send the book as soon as I can after the giveaway ends. You cannot enter in any other way, this includes sending a Stamped Addressed Envelope and putting the answers on a postcard. Your entries will only be worth 0.0000001p.

2 thoughts on “Wanna Win A Book? – The Testimony

  1. afclee

    Hi Dan, great giveaway mate, and I’ve pressed the Follow button up there ^^

    Hmmm, now lets see, what would I do if I heard the voice of God? Given the current state of social networking, I guess I’d head over to Twitter and share this divine moment with my buddies, using the inevitable #VoiceOfGod hashtag…

    I’d also be kicking myself for having ignored His presence for approximately 33 years, as well as removing The God Delusion from my bookshelf (had to get a book related comment in there somewhere).

    Fingers crossed.

  2. GL

    I’d track down James Smythe and congratulate him on predicting it in his amazing-sounding novel.

    And then I’d start thinking of how I was going to explain my sudden change of opinion on God.

    Most likely, though, I’d ignore it and hope it went away. Works for most problems…


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