Blog Birthday and Randomness

Wow, a blog post that isn’t a review. A rarity. I’m here dragging my feet and hanging my head as I’m an awful book blogger. On Saturday 14th July this very blog turned one whole year old. Sadly, I didn’t have any time over the weekend to actually blog about it. It’s quite strange that this blog has run for a year, the time has flown. I’ve read some brilliant books (and a few duffers), I’ve made some great “internet based bookish friends” and also some bloody lovely publishing people. Many thanks to those who visit regularly or subscribe via RSS or other means. And a huge thank you goes to the publishers who have supported this little blog of book ramblings.

I thought I’d knock up this little blog post to chat about random stuff, such as my changing tastes in books.

Years ago, when I was reading quite actively I was a bigtime SFF head. Then I took a break from reading in 2007 after some personal tragedies and didn’t find the bug again until the end of 2010 (I have a good mate to thank for that). Ever since I’ve been reading voraciously and I never seem to be content unless I’ve read some pages that day. When I got back into reading I went for books with a more “literary*” slant. Now though, I appear to be heading back to my roots. The more literary fiction often leaves me bored and empty. I need a spark. It doesn’t have to be Sci-Fi or Fantasy, just something that has a hook within.

Upon looking over my Goodreads stats it seems to be these books that garner the five star ratings, too. So, from now on you may not see so much Lit Fic across these virtual pages… although I’m still very eager to find out which way the Booker Longlist will go this year. So, in the spirit of talking about some favourites, I thought I’d nominate the five best books I’ve read since I started blogging.

This is King at his best and it would be a shame to miss that. It’s just a superb book that shows that even at his 49th book he is only getting better with age.

By the end of the novel you feel as if you’ve lived these lives and that’s really a testament to Earle and his skill with a pen. Ultimately, this is one of my favourite books of the year because it holds that wonder of modern day miracles and hope in life.

Diving Belles is a collection of stories that anyone who has ever imagined wonderful things existing in our world, must read. I was utterly captivated from page one and didn’t want it to end.

I know that I’ve experienced something special. From the opening moments meeting Sham on the moletrain to the intelligent and philosophical ending, I never wanted to put the book down.

I have forever been a fan of fairytales, having re-read Grimms Fairytales repeatedly for years. I would happily shelve this book next to those and hold it in the same regard.

I would love to have picked many more, but here are a few books that I love but had to be brutally culled from being the best of the best†.

I’ve scrapped a few things on the blog such as the summary updates. They seemed a little pointless seeing as the people reading them will be the people who read the reviews originally. I have a few ideas for things in the future and I’m also tackling projects off the blog which are taking up a lot of time. I’ll try to be less sporadic with reviews and have less gaps in between… but such is the joy of a family and other things. I’ll be “celebrating” the big 3-0 soon, so there may be a few posts around that, too (if I remember!)

*I really hate the term literary, but it’s such an easy “go to” word to describe a growing genre in books.
†See, all of those favourites have something unique about them.

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