Who Will Make the 2012 Booker Longlist?

Of late I haven’t been reading enough Literary fiction to really go into depth on this post, so it’s purely for fun. Below are the books I’d love to see appear on the Booker Longlist on July 25th. A few I have read, I few I have proofs of and have flicked through and some I just want there because it makes the list varied. I highly doubt that I’m anywhere near what will be chosen, but it will be a laugh anyway. I’m not sure whether I’ll try to read the list this year. I attempted it last year and managed seven of the thirteen chosen.

Have read it or Am reading (slowly)





You have to believe it will be there, surely? As a previous winner with Wolf Hall, I’d love to see Mantel get the nod. I’m not all that far in but it’s better than the previous novel.





Well, I wasn’t convinced by this book. It was a bit middling and overhyped for my liking. However it’s that hype that I think will push Capital into the minds of the Booker judges. It was tipped for Booker success before release and although I didn’t really enjoy it, I can see why it would make the list.





Love this book. I have to choose this purely for Wiles’ writing skill and ability to force a farcical story into wonderful prose and an interesting story.





Again, this is an easy pick. I actually gave up reading this as it bored me greatly. The premise was interesting but the narrative was weak and didn’t grasp hold of me. There’s no faulting the actual skills on display, though.





If Stuart Evers’ debut novel isn’t on the list I would be both shocked and angry. He deserves to be on there for the craft that goes into the book. I said in my review that he’s one to watch and it should start with a longlisting.





Yes, I know, I gush far too much about this book. But Roffey works so well at breaking down the emotions of characters and tells a sweeping and beautiful story that it deserves a place.





Controversial one here. Yes, I know it’s YA and it’s also genre fiction but it’s bloody brilliant. Mièvilles writing MUST be acknowledged and although Railsea isn’t his most literary book, it’s still better than a lot that was released in eligibility window.

Proofs I have and have browsed





Much hype, wonderful writing, previous entry was shortlisted. Why not?





What I’ve read of this is brilliant. Great writer that deserves a nod.





This book really intrigues me. I was given it a couple of weeks back and it keeps popping up in conversation for its quality.





It’s Will Self. What I’ve experienced is great. It’s Will Self. Another much hyped and favoured author. It’s Will Self.

On my radar





How can you not put a former winner on the list? Although some disliked The Finkler Question, it’s still likely to get the nod.





I struggled with a thirteenth entry, so went for one that I keep hearing good things about. This is my wild card, if you like.

That should be thirteen. They should all be eligible. Let’s see what really makes the list on July 25th. I always read Jackie’s posts about awards and the guesses are always well judged, so read it too.


7 thoughts on “Who Will Make the 2012 Booker Longlist?

  1. farmlanebooks

    Interesting list! I could easily see any of them on the longlist, with the exception of Mieville. He deserved to win for The City and the City, but I can’t see a YA novel winning the Booker. I haven’t read Railsea (I will do at some point) so could be very wrong, but I would be surprised to see him included.

    Absolution is a good guess. Can easily see that making it. Interesting to see we only had 3 overlaps – the quality of fiction this year is amazing. I’d love to know how those Booker judges are going to decide!

    1. Dog Ear Post author

      I think the thing about Mièville’s Railsea is it isn’t overly YA. His story and prose is on par with other novels on the list.

      Yes, I must read Absolution, I think I have a copy here… somewhere!

      Yeah, 2012 has been brilliant for fiction. I’m sure I could have thought of more but those were the first to jump into my head. I’m eager to see the real list just to find out what I need to read.


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