So, over the next week I’ll be making a few changes to the blog. The theme and header will likely change (if there are any arty types out there who want to help design a header, that would be lovely) and my focus on content will be changing a little as well.

I’ve decided to post more random bookish stuff and not just reviews as they seem to go down quite well and open up a door for conversation. There will also be a new interview feature that originated as Dog Ear Half Dozen, but will now be changed up after finding a similar feature on another blog. The idea is to ask authors and bloggers the same six questions to find out more about their love of books.

My review style is also on the change. Reviews on Dog Ear Discs will be more “stream of consciousness”, rather than the more formulaic style. So, sometimes the reviews will only focus on the writing if that’s what has won me over the most and others may just ramble about characters. Who knows? (Hopefully) this will make them more readable and unique… It may also be a ridiculous idea.

I started this blog a little over a year ago and in that time I’ve changed my reading style and also the reason for this blog. Initially I simply liked the idea of reviewing books here, whereas now I’d like to keep it as more of a reading diary, or journal. So, sometimes, there may just be some cover art that I love or a quote that deserves the spotlight.

I hope that all makes some sense and I hope even more that the blog is as enjoyable, or more so.

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