Atwood Adjustment

For those of you who are following my Margaret Atwood project, I’d like to apologise for the lack of a blog post in August. There are many reasons as to why it didn’t appear, but chiefly it’s because the book for August was a short story collection.

Upon reflection short story books don’t really hold my attention – they are books to dip in and out of. I can think of only one collection that I’ve read cover to cover in one go and that’s Diving Belles by Lucy Wood. That was predominantly because they all centered around a particular theme. Dancing Girls, the Atwood book for August visits many different ideas and themes so I struggled to read it in time.

I have, therefore, decided to change my Atwood plan a little. As of now the only books on my list will be her novels and they will take priority. However, I still plan to read the short story collections, but they will appear on the blog as and when I’ve read them. I plan to read a story whenever I fancy one or am stuck as a passenger in the car.

I will adjust the list in the sidebar of the blog later today. The book this month will still be Life Before Man.

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