Merry Christmas and Thank You!

sparking christmas treeSo, here we are. Only a few more sleeps until Christmas day and then it won’t be long until the New Year is rung in. This will be my last blog post until New Years Eve as after today it is all about family and merriment. I thought I’d just do a bit of a muddled post full of odds and ends, so bear with me.

This year has been pretty fantastic for books and I’ve read some absolute stonkers. I’ve discovered new favourite authors and have branched out into reading more genres. I’ve met some amazing people on Twitter (and then in the real world), been to my first lit festival and listened to a bunch of brilliant podcasts (You ARE all listening to The Readers and Literary Disco, Yes?).

My year wouldn’t have been as great without a few people (Other than my family).

Christos. This guy is always at the end of MSN or Twitter for me. We’ve never actually met, but have known each other for several years. He’s a brilliant sounding post and a superb friend.

Emma. The BookMonkey was one of the first bloggers I ever dealt with and we’ve been friends since. I finally got the chance to meet her this year at the Cheltenham lit festival where we put the book industry to rights.

Katie. One of my oldest friends who battled cancer that almost took her life (until she gave it some attitude) and without her I’d go mad.

I don’t want to forget people like Lyndsay (LittleReaderLibrary), Ellie (Curiosity Killed The Bookworm), James Smythe, Essie Fox, Matthew (Reader Dad), Jackie (Farmlane Books), Kate (WDW), Kimmie, Stacey Bartlett, Marisa, Simon Savidge, Christian Donlan and Heather (Between The Covers, she RTs, likes or comments on everything I blog and she is awesome!)

Sorry if I forgot anyone!

A massive thank you to all the publishers for supporting my blog, sending me lovely books to read and inviting me to different events. And to all the authors who have joined in with SSDD (back next year) and supported the blog.

The biggest thanks of all goes to the people who visit the blog and read my ramblings. Whether you arrive via search engines, Twitter, RSS, thank you for reading and here’s to more of the same in 2013! I’ll be back on New Years Eve with some blogging stats, plans for 2013 and possibly a new challenge.

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Thank You!

  1. Lindsay @ The Little Reader Library

    Merry Christmas to you too Dan, and thank you to you too, for wonderful book recommendations and a great blog to read. This can be a really strange time of year I think. At times I love it, other times I find it a battle. Great how many excellent books you have already disovered for 2013! Thank you for the mention it’s very kind. Good to have met you this year.
    All best.

  2. Heather

    Thank YOU, Dan. I’m very glad that Brenna introduced me to your blog this year–we have the same reading tastes, and you have given me so many more titles to read. Also, thank you for starting me on my re-reading of Margaret Atwood’s fiction–I have been loving every minute of it.

    *raises glass of sparkling cider* Here’s to more good reads in 2013!


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