Here We Are, 2013.

I had originally sat and written a post for today, stating how I had a couple of blogging resolutions and such, but I deleted it. Towards the end of 2012 my blogging started to slip – I kept forgetting to write reviews, I hardly wrote anything and at times even my reading pace dipped. There were many reasons for this, Black Dogs and time being the most forefront. But another issue kept raising its head and it was only last night that I made a decision.

In 2012, I kept trying to ensure that I would always be reading newer titles – that I would be on the cusp of the publishing industry releases. And while that certainly had its positives, I felt as if by giving myself deadlines and pushing certain books to the top of the pile, I was turning both reading and blogging into a bit of a chore. In the post that I deleted I’d ruminated plans for the forth coming year and how I would form my reading path. I’d also stated that I wouldn’t be joining in with any reading challenges, then I found THIS.


For those too lazy to click the link, it is a blog post from Heather (An avid follower of my blog and good book friend, too). She has decided that 2013 be the year of “Reading Whatever the F*ck I Want” and I think that sounds like a brilliant idea. In 2012, some of my favourite reads were books that I pulled off of the TBR on a whim. Any time I shook off the constraints of Keeping Up With The Jones’ I had more fun, I enjoyed reading more than ever.

So, I will this year be joining in with #YoRWtFIW. This doesn’t mean I won’t still read some newer titles – I will still be receiving review copies, I’m sure. However I will pick and choose a little more carefully, I will only read what I’m gagging to read. This year is about many other things that come from “real life” or “off the blog” and my reading time will become a little more precious than ever, so this idea makes sense to me. (If you want to join in, head over to their blog post and let them know, too!)


So, no reading challenges (let’s be honest, I fail them because shiny things steal my attention) and no readalongs. I have joined an online book group (more in the future) that is dedicated to reading more classic titles, as this is something I want to do. This year I will also tweak my review template a little to create more time to write, so that I can keep up with reviewing the titles I love. This blogging lark started to feel less like a hobby and the fun was dripping out of it. Well, balls to that!

Reading and blogging gives me something special and I never want that to end. I started to feel down on myself because I wasn’t always reading the most intellectual reads and my blogging quality was slumping. It’s intimidating when you read the thoughts on John Self, Ben Johncock and the like because these are articulate people and often I stare at the little blinking cursor on the screen and want to strangle it as my thoughts won’t reach the page how I want them to. This year? Who cares!? I respect the hell out of those guys, but I’m me – I have my own voice and my own thoughts/opinions.

I know some will read this and say “Well, isn’t that what blogging is anyway?” and they’re right. I just lost sight of that. I suppose it’s best to say that 2013 is going to be a carefree year as while things “off the blog” are a little tougher and a bit more frantic, this needs to be my fun retreat. Here’s to 2013 and here’s to the 260 books on my TBR crying for attention – Happy New Year to you all.


3 thoughts on “Here We Are, 2013.

  1. afictionhabit

    Nice! It feels like a weight has been lifted when you tell it how it really is, doesn’t it? Quite cathartic really. I get the blinking cursor thing and that intimidated feeling when reading what others write, but reading is so subjective that it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks about a book – just what you think. Anyway, I posted my reading manifesto yesterday and although I will be taking part in at least 2 readalongs this year, I have also dispensed with trying to keep up with new titles, as much as I enjoy taking part in the discussions. I have thousands of pounds worth of books taking up space in my house that don’t get a look in – so I will be showing them some love this year!

  2. Heather

    I am so happy to see this post. Good for you! This is exactly how I felt for the last three months of last year, and the reason why I hardly blogged at all. I already feel liberated, and it’s only the second day of the new year. 😀

    (Also, SJ will be so excited to see the dodisharkicorn on another blog.)

    Happy New Year, Dan!


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