Free February – Challenge Time!

This year, if you’ve been paying attention, is my year of read what the f*** I want. I’ve been reading by whim since January 1st. This means I’ve put what I want to read at the top of the piles, reading very advanced proofs and put some reviews off for a couple of weeks until I feel I really want to read them. This month really makes that clear as I only have one review copy to read and that book came out in bookshops today, anyway.

So, as I have the whole month free, I’m planning on hitting the TBR pretty hard, but that doesn’t mean I’m reading by whim. This month I will be reading books that are included in challenges. In no particular order…

Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C. Clarke

9780575077331This one is to join in with Kate over at For Winter Nights. Her reading challenge for this year is to read & reread Arthur C. Clarke novels – one per month for the year. This month the book is Rendezvous With Rama and I have never read it. In fact, I’ve only ever read one Clarke novel so this will help to further a little side mission I have. I really want to read more Sci-Fi this year – it was my main staple once upon a time – but I’m not sure where to start. Where better than with one of the masters?

Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin

n136320Shock, Horror, I’ve never read any Maupin… not even his much appreciated Tales of the City, but now is the time to rectify it. I’m joining in the read-a-long hosted by Simon of Savidge Reads. His reason for rereading the novel is to celebrate LGBT month. I’m not L,G,B or T, but, I abhor bigotry and hate towards people so I want to show some kind of support for this month.Add to this that Simon is one of my favourite bloggers and doesn’t steer me wrong on book choices, it’s a no brainer.

Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

9781853811265Now to my own challenges. I decided to skip ahead with my Atwood challenge. Although I loved her earlier novels, Life Before Man wasn’t doing a lot for me so I skipped ahead to the books I REALLY wanted to read. Last month I squeezed in my read of The Handmaid’s Tale (review/breakdown to follow) and that moves me onto Cat’s Eye. I know this novel is lauded as one of Atwood’s best books so I’m greatly looking forward to this one. Hopefully I’ll be reading it alongside my Atwood partner, Heather.

? by Terry Pratchett

Last night the wonderful members of Twitter voted for me to read Colour of Magic which would kick start my Discworld project. I’ve read this one previously (though some years ago) and as I settled down to enjoy it, I found myself wanting to read one I haven’t read before. This brought on today’s decision to read them in the order I feel like. I still won’t jump into a character arc without reading the earlier entries, but I want to be able to just pick up the one I fancy and not restrict myself to reading in order. That means I don’t really know which one I’ll read this month, though I’m hovering on Guards, Guards! (Feel free to suggest your favourites for consideration!)

4 thoughts on “Free February – Challenge Time!

  1. Sly Wit

    Tales of the City is great. I’m tempted to reread myself, especially since I recently finished Season of the Witch, which is a fabulous non-fiction look at life in San Francisco from the late 60s to the early 80s.


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