Dog Ear is a person, who has opinions. Predominately about books and occasionally films. This is, then, predominately a book blog, that features opinionated ramblings about books and occasionally films. If you like books and occasionally films, then this is a blog about those things that you may or may not like.

Why is the blog called Dog Ear Discs? I hear you say. Well, the blog did feature, at times, opinions about videogames and music, hence the word discs featuring in the title. Sadly now the blog doesn’t cover those things, but the name still sounds cool. So there.

None of the reviews here are perfect themselves, they are just one persons viewpoint. Yours may be different, that’s awesome, if we all thought the same thing the World would be a steaming pile of mediocrity brimming with bland sentiments and sentient thoughts.

In short, stay safe, be good to each other and remember, opinions are like arseholes… everybody has one.

Dog Ear.


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