FAQ & Review Policy

Q: Is this a real FAQ?

A: Are they ever? No, I thought it was probably best to clarify a few bloggish things and this is the easiest way.

Q: Why do you blog, then?

A: Honestly? Because there is very little I love more in my life than books (In fact only my family rank above the written word). I want to use this platform to tell the world about the best books I read.

Q: Is that why there aren’t many low rated books on here?

A: Pretty much. If I’m not enjoying the book I’ll put it down and give it away to a friend or a charity shop. Life is too short to read bad books.

Q: So, let’s talk reviews… Do you accept books from anywhere?

A: Not really. I don’t deal with self published books. It’s nothing personal, but I have a limited amount of time to read and blog so I’d rather stick with the stuff that attracts me the most. I’ll only deal with publishers.

Q: You accept free books I take it?

A: I do, yes. If a publisher offers me a book for review on my blog then I’ll accept it. I don’t see any problems with that. You wouldn’t say no to a Polo, would you?!

Q: And you give them a positive review because you don’t want to lose those contacts and books, eh?!

A: Not at all. Every review on my blog is fair and unbiased. Just because someone sends me a book doesn’t mean I’m going to rate it highly. If I read a bad review copy, I’ll usually talk to the publisher about it, rather than blog it.

Q: But, you must get paid, right?

A: Nuh-uh. Every single post on here is written by me with the only perks coming from lovely readers who comment on my posts.

Q: Do you still buy books, then?

A: I do, yes. At the end of my reviews I will state how I came by the book. I’m a sucker for a Kindle sale, charity shop or car boot sale. To be honest, it’s probably an addiction. I’d say my books are split 50/50 between review copies and bought books.

Q: Talking about the end of your reviews, what’s with the stars?

A: Well, to simplify it, I use a scale of one to five. It is broken down thus:

  • 1 = Not good, hardly any redeeming features.
  • 2 = It’s okay, but it hasn’t really done a lot for me.
  • 3 = It’s a good book. Some may say average, I’d say it falls on the positive side of average.
  • 4 = It’s great. Just read it and see for yourself.
  • 5 = It’s not perfection, but it’s bloody close.

Q: Should I ask any more questions?

A: Nah, probably best to leave it there.

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